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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    "... that kid impresses me more and more every day."

    " I keep saying that kid impresses me more and more every day. You know there are certain guys when they play, they do things right. "
    Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher regarding QB D'Vontrey Richardson as quoted in Florida Times-Union

    The Big Stink

    After this weekend, the ACC may want to hire an advertising firm to help them sell the fact that they are a legitimate football conference. In a word, this weekend's ACC play stinked.

    NC State got hammered by South Carolina on Thursday to begin the nightmare. Then on Saturday,it was Virgina Tech's turn to be humbled by East Carolina. And let's not forget Virginia being beaten like a drum by USC. To top off the massacre, Tommy Bowden and his Clemson team was humiliated by Bama in front of a national audience.

    Tommy Does It Again

    There is only one conclusion that you can draw regarding Clemson fans and alumni. They are just plain dumb. How else can you explain the fact that they have counted on Tommy Boy to carry them to the promised land?

    C-h-o-k-e-d. Once again Tommy Boy did what he does so well. Bama hammered a supposedly superior Clemson team and fans are left with a coach who can't even do what his father did last year.

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Noles Start Preparations For Western Carolina

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The first Saturday of the college football season seemed just like any other day of the week for the Seminole football team. With an open date today, FSU was out on the practice field shifting its focus towards its September 6th opener versus Western Carolina (1-0). The squad practiced for 15 periods in shells. The first six periods were spent working on special teams and the second half of practice saw both units working versus scout teams. Following conditioning, the team ate lunch and was finished for the day.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “We had our last controlled scrimmage before the ballgame like we’ve always done on Friday night. Of course the thing we’re trying to do is see are we ready to play a game. Are the substitutions coming in right, does the kicking team know when to go on the field, are they sitting in the right place where we can find them and things like that. We did a pretty good job on that. We had two times where we would have had a penalty on, I think one was a field goal and another was a punt, where a guy didn’t go out there. We’re sitting out there with ten men and that’s going to be a penalty or you’re going to have to waste one of your time outs. So those are the type of things we’re trying to get because usually the first game, the first game can become a comedy of errors if you’re not careful. It’s the first time they’ve been out there, they jump offside, they hold, they do this and that. It went pretty smoothly. This morning we tried to come out and correct our mistakes and began to do some things that we would be doing against the first opponent.”

    On Western Carolina:

    “They’ve got a new coaching staff. I’m sure they look a lot different. The way they play and some of the things they’re can’t take anybody lightly as we know. It will just give us a chance to get going and you hope it’s smooth and hope you see who ought to be here and who ought to be here. There are so many questions like that that will get answered but the final answers will not come until later.”

    Pressley Gone For Season

    More bad news for Noles on the injury front. Junior college transfer Tavares Pressley had an MRI on Friday that revealed a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. This will require season-ending reconstructive surgery.

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Dunbar Released from Hospital

    Just when junior college transfer Tavares Pressley becomes eligible, now comes word that he injured his left knee during Thursday's practice and was carted off the field. There is no word on how serious the injury is. FSU said Pressley's knee will be re-examined today.

    In other injury news, DT Emmanuel Dunbar was released from the hospital after spending the night.

    Turning Up The Heat

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    Florida State was finally back out on the practice fields on Thursday. The squad was in full pads for 24 periods under bright sunny skies for the second day. High temperatures were a factor for the second consecutive practice after a pre-season that saw cooler than usual temperatures for summer in Florida. The Seminoles seemed to handle the heat better on Thursday than they did on Wednesday according to head coach Bobby Bowden.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “It (the heat) was exactly what we need cause probably exactly what we’ll be playing in. The kids handled it a lot better then they did yesterday. Those four days off, I think we lost a lot of our conditioning but we’re getting it back now, thank goodness. It was very, very important (to work in the hot weather), we saw how much yesterday. We had them in pretty dawg gone good shape and then we got that hurricane winds coming through here and rain and everything and we didn’t do anything and you could really tell it so they were able to get back into it.”

    On Emmanuel Dunbar being released from the hospital:
    “Yea that was the best news I’ve heard today that he’s out, out working around thank goodness.”

    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Will Tommy choke....once again?

    Although there are a lot of cupcakes to begin the season, there are some interesting games also. Here are my games to watch:

    Tommy Bowden and Clemson takes on Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide. Will Tommy once again choke as he is so prone to do?

    Ron Zook and his Illinois team gets # 6 Missouri. Is Missouri for real and is Illinois just a flash in the pan?

    NC State takes on South Carolina for a Thursday night game. The nation gets to watch psycho Steve as he roams the sidelines.

    Tennessse heads west to meet UCLA and its new coach for a Labor Day matchup.

    Let Them Eat Cupcakes

    Are you ready for some football? College football 2008 begins tonight. As we all know, teams love to schedule the cupcakes to begin their season. So what teams have the best cupcakes for week one? Here are my picks:

    Wisconsin gets Akron to feast on Saturday.

    Georgia Tech takes on cupcake Jacksonville State.

    North Carolina takes on "powerful" McNeese State.

    Oklahoma gets to feast on Chattanooga before the Noles get them in a couple of weeks.

    Joe Pa and Penn State gets to take on Coastal Carolina.

    West Virgina and their new coach gets basketball school Villanova.

    The Gators get to feast on Hawaii.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    The Heat Is On

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    Wednesday’s Seminole practice looked like a normal practice that had been run through a blender. Earlier in the day there was lightning in the Tallahassee area, once practice time came and the lightning subsided, the coaches jumped straight to period 14 and after they reached 24, the team went back to the start. When all was said and done, the team got through all 24 periods with no delays.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “This is the first time we practiced in the heat. Today we got out and it got hot. We could tell our kids got wilted about half way through practice. It is very obvious we could play in a ball game about this hot.”

    Associate Head Coach Mickey Andrews:
    On the difficulty Coach Haggins will go through now after Dunbar’s injury:
    “Somebody else has got to play now. Someone else is going to line up there, it may be Myron Rolle but someone will be there.”

    QB Christian Ponder:

    On his throwing arm
    “It felt pretty good today, it started off a little sore in the beginning, but it’s something you have to work through, warm up a little bit and then it’s fine after.”

    Dunbar Taken To Hospital

    It is being reported that FSU defensive tackle Emmanuel Dunbar was taken by ambulance to a hospital after suffering a back injury Wednesday in practice.

    Dunbar has had a history of back problems which include a 2006 surgery to repair two herniated disks.

    Dunbar's jersey and shoulder pads had to be cut off in order to load him into the ambulance according to ESPN.

    " He was just OK."

    "... the other two QBs seemed to play pretty good. And Drew wasn't bad. He was just OK."
    Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher after reviewing film of Monday's scrimmage as quoted in Tampa Bay Online

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    McMahon On Rimington List...More Noles Rejoin Team...Doak Pics

    Nole center Ryan McMahon has been named to the fall watch list for the Rimington Trophy. The award is sponsored by the Boomer Esiason Foundation and is presented to the top center in America.

    McMahon in 2007 was named a Rivals First Team Freshman All-American, College Football News First Team Freshman All-American, AON/FWAA Freshman All-American, TSN Second Team Freshman All-American, Sporting News All-ACC Freshman Team, Rivals All-ACC Freshman Team and Miami Herald All-Florida Team.

    McMahon allowed just two sacks in 959 plays and recorded 20 knockdowns and according to FSU sports information, in a system where a grade of 68% is passing, McMahon graded out at 78% or better seven times in pass blocking.


    Some other Noles have been finally cleared. FSU cleared freshman RB Jermaine Thomas and junior DT Justin Mincey to rejoin the team

    As we head toward the home opener on September 6, Doak Campbell stadium will have some new improvements. There will be an addition of two new scoreboards and over 500 feet of LED ribbon boards.
    Doak Campbell Improvement Pics

    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Defense Reigns Supreme In Final Scrimmage

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    There is little doubt that senior captain Antone Smith was the star offensively for Florida State in the final scrimmage of the 2008 pre-season. The tailback from Pahokee was the lone bright spot for the Seminole offense statistically as he rushed three times for 130 yards in a scrimmage that was delayed for two days by tropical storm Fay. Deuce, as he is known to his teammates, ran for 30, 45 and 55 yards to lead the FSU offense on the ground but outside of Smith the day belonged to Mickey Andrews’ defense. There were five sacks for the D and in goal line the defense almost equaled the offense with two of their own touchdowns compared to three in eight tries for the offense.


    D’Vontrey Richardson
    · 6 for 8, 31 yards
    Drew Weatherford
    · 1 for 7, 17 yards
    Christian Ponder
    · 3 for 11, 32 yards
    EJ Manuel
    · 3 for 7, 87 yards

    Running Backs:
    Tavares Pressley
    · 4-11yards
    Jermaine Thomas
    · 7-22 yards
    Joe Surratt
    · 3-3 yards
    Antone Smith
    · 3-130 yards
    Preston Parker
    · 1-3 yards
    Brandon Paul
    · 6-16 yards

    Wide Receivers:
    Preston Parker
    · 2-7 yards
    Rod Owens
    · 1-17 yards
    Corey Surrency
    · 3-72 yards

    Emmanuel Dunbar – 4
    Kenny Ingram – 4, 1 sack
    Brandon Paul – 3
    Toddrick Verdell – 3 tackles, 1 sack

    Toddrick Verdell
    Kevin McNeil
    Kenny Ingram
    Jamar Jackson
    Markus White

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “Like I told the offense for about a minute and a half out there they looked like a million dollars. The shortest run they made was probably 25 yards. Today we ran better than we threw. But after that drive, the offense simply could not get anything together.

    “The quarterback would miss people that were open then we’d drop one. [Corey] Surrency had a good day; he caught about everything he could get his hands on. Penalties, offensive penalties…too many first and 20’s, it’s hard to overcome. I thought our defense looked better and that’s encouraging because you’re not going to win if they can’t hit. They looked better; their coverage was better, their rush was better. For some reason they had more spirit today then the offense.

    Quarterback Drew Weatherford:
    On the offense’s performance in the scrimmage:
    “I don’t think we were ready to play from the get-go. Those two days off that we had really kind of put us behind. Offense is about getting into a rhythm. That’s no excuse. We have got to step up to the plate and get our minds right no matter what the conditions are and be ready to play.”

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    All Wet

    The Noles were to have had their final full scrimmage of the preseason on Saturday but Tropical Storm Fay had her say with torrential rains. The Seminoles meet today at 1 p.m. to decide when to reschedule.

    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    " Get into the dadgum game and start making some noise."

    "You have got to give us a home field advantage. We go out there to warm up, nobody's there. Get into the dadgum game and start making some noise. And get that other team intimidated. That's what we need."
    Bobby Bowden speaking at 57th annual FSU Kickoff Luncheon

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Fay Doesn't Keep Noles From Practice

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    Earlier today the FSU football team ate lunch with well over 1,000 fans at the 57th Annual Kick-Off Luncheon. Later in the day the team was practicing in the middle of torrential rains and high winds as tropical storm Fay continued to make its way through the Florida panhandle. The Seminoles practiced for 20 periods in shells on the turf field in what Head Coach Bobby Bowden called the worst weather conditions for a practice in his memory.

    Tony Carter (defense), Benjamin Lampkin (special teams) and Antone Smith (offense) were named team captains by the coaching staff. Permanent team captains will be elected at the end of the season by the players.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “We practiced today in weather and I don’t think we have ever had a practice like this where we went out and worked in that kind of weather. It usually drives you inside. But we felt like with no lightning we had better take advantage of it. As naturally, it was sloppy. The kids had a hard time catching the ball; had a hard time throwing it but they did well under the circumstances. Their enthusiasm was good and they had a lot a spirit. We felt like we were able to save a practice.”

    Quarterback Christian Ponder:
    On competition between quarterbacks:
    “Today I stayed out of it completely. It’s tough. There is a huge competition going on right now. It stinks I have to sit out a couple of days, but I’d rather be healthy instead of hurting myself. I just have to bounce back and try to get over this. If it’s fine tomorrow, ill probably go tomorrow.”

    " We can't accept that at Florida State."

    "We can't accept that at Florida State. We'll get the swagger back. We're going to bring it back this year."
    Antone Smith regarding FSU having back-to-back 7-6 seasons and the upcoming season as quoted in The Ledger

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Noles Hold Last Two-A-Days As They Head Into Saturday Scrimmage

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The third of three two-a-days is in the books for the Florida State football team. The squad completed its final two-a-day practice a couple hours ahead of schedule due to impending bad weather. The team practiced for 18 periods in full pads. Tomorrow the entire 2008 Seminole team will be at the Kick-Off Luncheon at the Donald L. Tucker Center.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “I think our offensive line in coming around. Nobody is where we want them to be yet. It seems like our offensive line is doing better than I thought with all of our inexperience in there. The pass protection has been better than I thought. Today we had a short yardage scrimmage and I thought the offense did a pretty good job on that instead of getting stuck. They were getting their short yardage pretty decently.

    Which players are getting most of the repetitions at running back?
    “We worked (Marcus) Simms there some to give us a third made. No. 30 (Pat Davis), a walk-on, gives us a pretty good look in there and of course (Tavares) Pressley is back now but he’s having to learn – he’s watching a lot. He has to go through the acclimation which means two days shorts, two days shells then full pads. Tomorrow he’ll be able to go in shells and get a little contact.”

    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:
    On when he would like to have a quarterback named:
    “You would like to have it relatively quick with some things, but again let’s see who separates. If they don’t, then we’ll have to go from there and make a decision on what we have to do.”

    Injuries Start To Accumulate

    FSU Sports Information is reporting that linebacker Aaron Gresham and safety Ed Imeokparia will both miss the 2008 football season with torn ACL's in their right knees. In addition., sophomore QB Christian Ponder did not practice on Thursday due to shoulder soreness. It is not believed to be serious.

    Gano Likely Out 4-6 Weeks

    In what is not good news, FSU is reporting that Florida State punter/placekicker Graham Gano, the leading returning punter in the ACC, will have surgery Friday to repair his meniscus and cartilage in his right knee. Speculation is that Gano will likely be out 4-6 weeks.

    Gano apparently injured his knee in practice earlier this week when he was rolling out on a bad snap. Gano was to have been the Nole's first full-time placekicker and punter in over 50 years.

    Those duties now fall to freshman Shawn Powell who will punt and Zach Hobby, a transfer from Delaware who will be the Seminoles' starting placekicker.

    Pressley Sighting...No Sunshine...Home Opener On Pay Per View

    The wait is finally over. Junior collge transfer and running back Tavares Pressley has been academically cleared and is now practicing with the Noles. Pressley worled out in shorts on Wednesday with the team.

    He is a needed part of the running backs since freshman Ty Jones and returning starter Antone Smith were held out of contact drills on Tuesday because of injury.


    There are several news organizations that are upset at FSU for refusing to release the Notice of Allegations (NOA) it received from the NCAA in mid June. This is a document that outlines the NCAA’s initial findings during an investigation.

    They cite and I think rightfully so that FSU is a state-funded agency, bound by state laws, including the state’s Sunshine Law and Public Records Law. Seems that T.K. Wetherell would want full disclosure instead of hiding behind some specious arguments at best regarding the documents.

    Surprise. None of the national networks picked up the Noles's home opener against Division I-AA Western Carolina on Sept. 6. Instead Nole fans will have to view the game on pay-per-view.

    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    FSU Continues Practice As They Head Toward Saturday Scrimmage

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    With just three more days left in pre-season, the Seminole football team completed a 24-period practice in pads Wednesday morning. Thursday will be the third and final two-a-day and after a Friday night practice, the pre-season will end with a closed scrimmage Saturday. Fans can get up close and personal with the Seminole football team this Friday at the 2008 Kick-Off Luncheon.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “I think our offensive line in coming around. Nobody is where we want them to be yet. It seems like our offensive line is doing better than I thought with all of our inexperience in there. The pass protection has been better than I thought. Today we had a short yardage scrimmage and I thought the offense did a pretty good job on that instead of getting stuck. They were getting their short yardage pretty decently.

    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

    On when he would like to have a quarterback named:

    “You would like to have it relatively quick with some things, but again let’s see who separates. If they don’t, then we’ll have to go from there and make a decision on what we have to do.”

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Noles Wrap Up Second Of Three Two-A-Days

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The Florida State football team wrapped up the second of three two-a-days Tuesday night under the lights on the practice fields. The squad practiced 18 periods in shells following a 24 period practice in full pads earlier in the day.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    On the shortage of players:
    "We're really getting thin at running back. Getting beat up, 33 [Carlton Jones] didn't get any work today. [Jermaine] Thomas is out right now; our tailbacks are pretty beat up."

    " He needs to be more productive this year...."

    "He needs to be more productive this year and there is no reason he can't be, unless we just can't protect him."
    Bobby Bowden regarding QB Drew Weatherford as quoted in Miami Herald

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Practice Continues As QB Battle Heats Up

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    With just one week of pre-season practice remaining, the Florida State football team got back to work Monday morning following a day off on Sunday. The squad practiced for 24-periods in shells under cloudy skies and cool temperatures. The Seminole defense ruled the day as Dekoda Watson had two interceptions and the offense was unable to score on either of their 1:0 drill drives.

    Head coach Bobby Bowden announced that freshman Everette Dawkins has moved from defensive end to tackle.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    On quarterback play from the scrimmage with three quarterbacks:
    “I got out of it that they are going to do a good job. I’m sure there are degrees of difference in who is No. 1, who is No. 2 and No. 3. I feel good with all of them. They are doing some good things. It’s the one who can end up the most consistent and the one who makes the fewest errors. We worked on a 2:00 offense here at the end of practice and they both ended with two interceptions. Dekoda Watson got one and Kenny Ingram got the other. Of course, you want to eliminate that. They are so much further along than they were a year ago it seems like. Especially your twos and three. 11 (Drew Weatherford) we expect him to do it. The others continue to make good progress also.”

    Do you see the three quarterbacks bunched together?

    I would think so. One of them could go crazy and win that job. I’m sure it’s close.”

    Another Streak Ends...Red Zone Major Goal...Mickey Sees Red

    Another streak comes to an end for the Noles. For the first time since 1982, Florida State will open the football season unranked in the Associated Press poll. Miami is unranked also while the Gators are at #5. Both the Noles and Canes have not been unranked since 1977.


    Seeing red? The Noles know that a major improvement this year is to score TDs when they get inside the twenty yard line or red zone. FSU in 2007 had 48 attempts within the red zone. Of those, the Noles scored 21 TDs for a 43.75% conversion rate. In addition, they scored 18 field goals for a 37.50% conversion rate. Jimbo Fisher knows that this year that the Noles have to finish drives.

    Although Jimbo Fisher seemed generally pleased with the play of the offense in Saturday's scrimmage, Mickey Andrews was not with his defensive unit. The long time defensive coordinator indicated that the Noles cannot achieve their goals if the defense does not become more disciplined.

    Fear The Turtle

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Carr Bomb

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The first full scrimmage of the pre-season was a typical first scrimmage. There were highlights and lowlights on both sides of the ball and all four of Florida State’s quarterbacks kept the pressure on one another. The only touchdown of the day came on the biggest play of the afternoon as Drew Weatherford connected with Greg Carr on a 61 yard bomb. Carr led the receivers with 101 yards on two catches, Antone Smith was the leader among the backs with 47 yards on the ground and FSU’s three returning QB’s all had over 80 yards passing.

    E.J. Manuel: 3-for-4, 57 yards; 2 first downs
    Christian Ponder: 6-for-11, 104 yards; 3 first downs, sacked three times, fumble, FR
    D’Vontrey Richardson: 5-for-10, 81 yards; 2 first downs, sacked three times, fumble
    Drew Weatherford: 4-for-8, 91 yards, TD, INT; 3 first downs, sacked once, fumble, FR

    Rushing Stats

    EJ Manuel: 2 rushes, 9 yards; first down
    Antone Smith: 5 rushes, 47 yards; two first downs
    Christian Ponder: 4 rushes, -22 yards
    Brandon Paul: 3 rushes, 6 yards
    D’Vontrey Richardson: 6 rushes, -19 yards; first down
    Drew Weatherford: 3 rushes, -3 yards
    Carlton Jones: 8 rushes, 33 yards; first down
    Marcus Sims: 1 rush, 9 yards

    Receiving Stats
    Corey Surrency: 1 catch, 37 yards
    Preston Parker: 1 catch, 7 yards
    Antone Smith: 2 catches, 11 yards
    Avis Commack: 2 catches, 28 yards
    Louis Givens: 1 catch, 6 yards
    Greg Carr: 2 catches, 101 yards, TD
    Marcus Sims: 1 catch, 20 yards
    Jarmon Fortson: 2 catches, 67 yards
    Bert Reed: 3 catches, 19 yards
    Rod Owens: 3 catches, 26 yards

    Benjamin Lampkin – 2 sacks
    Ochuko Jenije – 1 PBU
    Vince Williams – 1 fumble recovery, TFL, 4 tackles
    Jamie Robinson – 4 tackles
    Darius McClure – 3 tackles
    Michael Ray Garvin – 3 tackles
    Derek Nicholson – 3 tackles
    Nick Moody – 3 tackles
    Everette Brown – 3 tackles
    7 total sacks by the defense

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “Had a pretty good scrimmage. I don’t think we had any serious injuries, I’m sure we got some bruises out there. But both groups had a good time. It’s wasn’t like one of them got the first out of the other. One of them didn’t dominate. I mean offense got their share; defense like they got their share. Offense had too many, I think they had three fumbles. They fumbled on a fourth-and-one and fumbled on the third-and-one, you can’t do that. Had a couple of interceptions; good plays by the defense, it’s pretty good. We came out this morning to work on the kicking day. Worked on the kickoffs, worked on the field goals, worked on punting. We really had a good day of it. Thought it was not a bad first scrimmage. The kids held up pretty good. It did get hot out there today.”

    On the problems in the red zone:
    “The fumble exchanges killed us a couple times; fourth-and-one and a third-and-one. Tough in the red zone, that’s where we’ve got to get better, we’re working a lot on it, but we hope to get better. We’ll keep working on it then there are some things offense didn’t run down there that I thought would have been real good against goal line defense but then they wanted to look at something else. Sometimes you’re wanting to look at certain plays under certain circumstances that might not be the best. I think we can solve that.”

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Let The Guessing Game Begin

    In what was a scary event, junior college transfer Markus White suffered a seizure before Thursday's practice. He was cleared to practice and was on the practice field in pads on Friday.


    So will he or won't he? The case of junior college running back transfer Tavares Pressley is still ongoing. He still has not been cleared to practice. Not sure whether this is just administrative bureaucracy or an academic issue.

    So who will be the starting QB at the start of the season? Today's scrimmage may be a glimpse into who will eventually be the QB for 2008. My guess is that sometime sooner rather than later it will be Christian Ponder.

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    The Heat Is On As Noles Practice In Full Pads

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    For the first time this pre-season the Seminole football team practiced in full pads with the full effect of a Florida summer beating down on them. The squad went 24 periods in full pads under scorching hot and humid conditions. This was the final practice before the first scrimmage of the 2008 pre-season Saturday evening. That scrimmage will be closed to the public.

    Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews:
    On today’s practice
    “We got a little something done. We continued to install our offense and defense. When you put something new in you can’t let that distract you from getting better and building on what we started. Our base defense and our base offense each day we install you just have to pick it up, but you can’t let that new thing affect what you’re doing while you’re learning the new defense or new offensive play.

    Quarterback Christian Ponder

    On what has to be done to continue to improve:
    “I think the biggest thing was our timing on our routes. Last year we weren’t comfortable yet and it was all the small things. When we’d get to the red zone, the smallest things matter and come to the top because everything is tighter, everything is faster. That was our biggest problem when we went through the spring and going into this fall. Everyone is getting a lot more comfortable and we’re timing things up right.”

    On whether the quarterbacks will be split 50/50 at Saturday’s scrimmage:
    “Yeah, I think so. We haven’t talked about it yet but I’m guessing it’ll be 50/50.”

    Bama Speared By Noles

    The Noles won the recent helmet contest conducted by ESPN in the final round of's "College Football Helmet Clash" that pitted FSU against Alabama for best helmet. With over 11 million votes cast,Florida State's gold helmet received over 8.5 million votes as they beat the Crimson Tide by 78.2% to 21.8%.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Noles Conclude First Two-A- Day Practice

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The first two-a-day practice of the 2008 pre-season came to an end this evening on the band field with the Seminoles going through 18 periods in shells. The two-hour practice was a little lighter with just a short dose of inside drills and less hitting but there was still plenty going on.

    Practice started with special teams and position groups. After that, both the offense and defense worked versus scout teams.

    Team inside was short but that didn’t stop Antone Smith from busting a TD run. The senior tailback got around the edge and took it to the house. The biggest defensive play was turned in by Recardo Wright who had a huge hit in the hole.

    Practice ended with the 1:00 drill and the defense capped of the practice on a familiar note. Kevin McNeil started things off with a sack and then Brown crashed the pocket and forced an incompletion but the D was flagged for pass interference. There was a holding on the offense on the next play and then Derek Nicholson dropped deep into coverage and broke up a pass. Moffett once again got pressure from the front four on the next play but Weatherford was able to find Surrency for a 12-yard gain. On fourth down Moffett got a QB pressure on an incomplete pass that completed the final practice of the day.

    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:
    On how to determine who will be the starting quarterback:
    “First of all consistency and ball security, you still say that. How you lead the team, the demeanor of the team, how you handle the huddle and all those other things. But then also we’ve got to make plays. Who can be creative enough to get the ball down the field and hit the big plays, find numbers, be consistent in the reads and sometimes you’ve got to make the plays with your legs. We’ve got to score points and who can score the most points and taking care of that ball the most and moving something down the field. ”

    Noles Begin Two-A-Days

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The first two-a-day practice began at 8:40 this morning on the band field. With rain threatening again, the team stayed dry for the most part going through 24 periods in full pads. With the practice fields still too wet to use, head coach Bobby Bowden expects the evening practice to once again take place on the turf.


    7 vs. 7
    Drew Weatherford: 5-for-6
    Christian Ponder: 1-for-3
    D’Vontrey Richardson: 2-for-3

    EJ Manuel: 0-for-2
    Brandon Paul – 2 catches
    Greg Carr – 2 catches: highlight 30 yard catch from Richards
    Rod Owens – 1 catch
    Marcus Sims – 1 catch
    Jarmon Fortson – 1 catch: highlight – 35 yard catch from Weatherford
    Richard Goodman – 1 catch

    11 vs. 11 (45 yard line)
    Drew Weatherford: 0-for-2; 1 rush 4 yards
    Christian Ponder: 0-for-2; 2 rushes 6 yards
    D’Vontrey Richardson: 2-for-2, 57 yards, TD; 1 rush 0 yards
    Antone Smith – 3 rushes, 55 yards, TD
    Carlton Jones – 1 rush, 5 yards
    Bert Reed – 1 rush, 4 yards
    Brandon Paul – 1 rush, 3 yards

    11 vs. 11 (20 yard line)
    Christian Ponder: 3-for-3, 26 yards
    Drew Weatherford: 1-for-1, 20 yards, TD
    EJ Manuel: 0-for-1

    Antone Smith – 1 rush, 0 yards
    Carlton Jones – 2 rushes, 20 yards, TD
    Brandon Paul – 1 rush, 11 yards
    Greg Carr – 1 catch, 5 yards
    Jarmon Fortson – 1 catch, 13 yards
    Taiwan Easterling – 1 catch, 8 yards
    Antone Smith – 1 catch, 20 yards, TD

    Goal line
    Offense scored on the fourth chance on a pitch to Carlton Jones from Ponder

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    Opening statement:
    “Our fields are so wet that we have begun to practice on the synthetic turf. We had a pretty good practice today. The kids worked hard, made some nice plays, catches and runs. There were also some good defensive plays.”

    On if he is worried that things won’t be cleared up for Tavares Pressley:“I thought he was going to be cleared yesterday. Evidently they have a whole lot of transcripts from our student body. They had a lot to go through but there is only two weeks until school starts. I thought he would be out here today, but maybe tonight he’ll be back.”

    Noles Sustain Some Injuries In Practice

    As practice gets into full swing, there sre some injuries to report Fortunately none seem to be major. Junior wide receiver Preston Parker and senior cornerback Tony Carter are day-to-day with cervical (neck) sprains. Parker was held out of practice Wednesday, and Carter gave left near the end of the workout.

    Freshman cornerback Terrance Parks bruised his right knee and freshman defensive tackle Moses McCray has been limited by a hip flexor. Junior defensive tackle Kendrick Stewart has a groin injury.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Same Old Tune As Noles Practice In Rain

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    Last pre-season lightning was the recurring theme for the Florida State football team. This year it is torrential downpours. On Wednesday the rains came once again but that did not stop the Seminole football team. The squad practiced for 24 periods in shells on the band/turf field. On Tuesday it was periods 13-24 that were run under water but on Wednesday it was just the opposite as 1-12 were soaking wet.

    Rodney Gallon confirmed today that he is no longer a part of the Seminole football team. He told the FSU Sports Information office that he will be enrolled in school this fall and is excited to complete the final nine hours towards his degree. Football is just not part of his future right now but completing his college degree is a priority.

    Preston Parker was held out of practice due to a cervical sprain. Tony Carter also suffered a cervical sprain and did not finish practice. Freshman Terrance Parks suffered a right knee contusion at the end of the session as well.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    On Wednesday's practice:
    "This synthetic turf saved us today because our fields got drenched yesterday. I thought we had a good practice; the kids worked hard and looked like they hustled good. We are making some progress."

    On catching a wet football in practice today as compared to yesterday:
    "They caught it much better today, yea, they caught it much better today. The rain wasn't as bad today as it was yesterday. It really poured yesterday; it poured just continually. Today it came and went away and then it came and went away. The last third of practice there wasn't any rain. They did catch it better."

    Rain Man

    Rain, Rain Go Away...Sims Will Miss Four Games...Noles At #25 In One Countdown

    Bobby Bowden may want to start singing "Rain rain go away". According to FSU President T.K. Wetherell the construction of an indoor practice facility is at least two years away. Jimbo Fisher has been in charge of soliciting pledges for its construction. With an estimated cost of between $12-20 million, it would seem that the construction of this facility would send the wrong message given the economic situation surrounding the university.


    Fullback Marcus Sims will miss the first four games of the 2008 seasson due to the academic fraud case. He will miss four games instead of three since he was a medical redshirt last year and none of the 2007 games counted toward his suspension. The other players will miss the first three games this season after sitting out the Music City Bowl.

    If you want a unique look at a Top 25 countdown, you can click on the below link to see the Noles at #25. The video features hometown rockers Seeking Sui in Doak Campbell Stadium as they shoot the video for their tune "Joke's On You." Noles At #25 Video

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Bobby Talks About The Rain As Noles Hold First Full Pad Practice

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The move to early morning practices was supposed to help the Seminoles avoid cancellations due to inclement weather. It sort of worked. The FSU football team was not forced inside due to lightning Tuesday morning but they did go through 12 periods of a heavy downpour that caused the offense all sorts of problems when it came to handling the football. The first 12 periods of the 24 period practice was held under ominous skies before the heavens opened up. The weather became more of a story than the first full pad practice of the pre-season.

    After some work in position groups, the QB’s worked with the tight ends and then the receivers. Both units also worked versus scout teams. For the first time this pre-season the offense ran some goal line versus the scout team. In period 13 the skies opened up right as the team moved to the first set of 3-on-3’s of the pre-season.

    The blocking drill was highlighted by Corey Surrency’s crushing block on Ochuko Jenije that ended up with the junior receiver being swarmed by teammates and his position coach Lawrence Dawsey. Budd Thacker had a nice stop at the first level. Dekoda Watson made two stops, Kendall Smith and Aaron Gresham also had tackles. Recardo Wright had a big hit that dislodged a slippery football and Korey Mangum had a stop at the third level. Paul, Pat Davis and Carlton Jones all turned in some nice runs making it through the gauntlet.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    On Tuesday’s practice:
    “We got our first real practice in today. (The rain) hit us about one-third of the way through practice and really drenched us. But that was good. We got some good work. We found out we can’t handle the ball in the rain; we must have fumbled six, seven, eight times. And that’s due to the wet weather. That shows you why you need to work in it every now and then because you might end up playing in it. We were very fortunate that there was not lightning. I looked at the clouds like they were expecting lighting but we never got the warning from the weather bureau. Thank goodness we were able to get in a full practice which is very important because we can’t afford to miss any outside practices.”

    On how the rain affected practice:
    “When it first started raining our kids caught the ball. I was saying to myself that they were catching it better now than they were when it was dry. Once we got into 11 on 11 and pass skeleton then the drops became more frequent and the fumbles became more frequent. At least it was a good thing to show the kids that we have got to protect ourselves against that. Protection of the ball today was not very good in the rain.

    “We got through our first day in pads, got a few drills going – a few live drills going and some goal line scrimmage in. But still, there, we had a hard time handling the ball. It was a good practice under the circumstances. “

    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

    On practice:
    “Made some really good plays. Preston (Parker) made a couple of catches, I think Greg (Carr) made one, Corey (Surrency) seems to make one everyday. He’s making a pretty good play everyday. The young tight ends caught a couple balls and moved it around. I think they are going to be good. And two young backs made good runs, 33 and 38, Carlton Jones and Jermaine Thomas both made a couple of really good runs today. And got hit hard a couple of times and got right up, went the next and held onto the ball. You get as much out of that as you do a guy making a run. Made some plays, made some goal line runs. Deuce (Antone Smith) had a couple nice runs, Deuce is playing pretty good ball right now.”

    Tigers Lose Defensive Tackle

    The Clemson Tigers were dealt a blow on Monday when they learned that senior defensive tackle Rashaad Jackson suffered a torn quadriceps and is slated to miss at least the first half of the year. The school said surgery is scheduled for today.

    Quick Stat: Jackson started 10 of 13 games last year and made 37 tackles, seven for losses.

    " Who cares what they think? "

    "Yeah, well, you know, so what? Who cares what they think?"
    FSU defensive tackle Budd Thacker at FSU Media Day as quoted in Orlando Sentinel regarding low regard prognosticators have for the Noles

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Noles Beat The Heat As Practice Continues

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    It's supposed to be the dog days of summer but with temperatures in the low 80's and a cool breeze blowing, the Seminole football team practiced for 24 periods Monday. The squad wore shoulder pads and game helmets as the equipment staff used the practice to let the players get a feel for their 2008 head gear.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    "I think were making progress. That's all we can look for now is progress. Were trying to evaluate the kids, see who can help who, who can play now, and who might take a little bit longer."

    On Corey Surrency catching his eye:
    "Yes...I like what I see. You know I've never seen a taller group. You know when these coaches come in they all have particular physical traits that they look for. Taller receivers, are they quicker getting back, things like that. The guys are over six-foot tall who are the receivers.

    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:
    "Today was not an effort day. It all started this morning. We got guys coming to the meetings late. They came without a pad and pencils to take notes. Why are you going to come to a meeting to get better and know what to do but you come unprepared. It is like going to class. You go to class without a paper and pencil your going to flunk. If you go to a meeting without a paper and pencil, you're going to flunk. I told them to come with a pad and pencil and to be on time and if they don't, then they are going to pay a consequence. I mean we have a select few but not very many. But you know what, if only some of them do it wrong, the whole team suffers so the whole team runs."

    Antone Comes Clean... Receiver Corps Impresses Drew...Mickey Looks For Better 2008

    Ok, here's a shocker. Antone Smith is now admitting that last year he was not making the right cuts or reading his blockers and defenders. Ok, it is not a shocker. This is the same Smith that was annointed as the 1,000 yard guy by Bobby Bowden at the start if the 2007 season. That obviously didn't happen. Seems that headed into the 2008 season, Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Bowden are pleased with his new attitude. Time will tell.


    Drew Weatherford is impressed with the receivers that he will be throwing to in 2008. FSU has five receivers that are 6-5 five or taller. The addition of junior college transfer Corey Surrency along with Greg Carr, Richard Goodman, Avis Commack and Jarmon Fortson gives Weatherford some nice targets. The question mark will be if he can find them.

    FSU 's offense was not the only sluggish part of the football team last year. Mickey Andrews who has always been known for having a tough and stingy defense did not have his best year last year. Case in point. FSU allowed the most touchdowns (38) and passing yards (245.5 per game) in all of Andrews' 24 seasons. In addition, the defense allowed 22.9 points a game, the second-highest total of Andrews' tenure. Enough said.

    " Drew is our starting quarterback. "

    "Drew is our starting quarterback. It's not what Drew is not doing. It's what the other guys are doing."
    Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher regarding Drew Weatherford being the starting QB as quoted in Palm Beach Post

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Fan Day...Iced Down...Depth Charge

    FSU Fan Day is today beginning at noon. Fans can witness a strength and skills competition as well as get autographs from their favorite players. See you there !


    There were some injuries and health related items from Saturday's practice. Antone Smith was in the ice tub after apparently injuring his left ankle. Also, newly signed junior college offensive tackle transfer Joe Tonga had an ice bath after overheating midway through the morning practice.

    Due to the fact that nearly a dozen players will be suspended for the first three games this season, a number of returning starters have been moved to the second team.

    Freshmen tight ends Ja'Baris Little and Bo Reliford are getting more time and splitting first-team reps, while incumbent Caz Piurowski is picking up work with the second unit. Piurowski, a junior, is among those who will miss the first three games.

    On defense,reserves Emmanuel Dunbar and Kendrick Stewart and freshman Moses McCray are getting a majority of the first-team snaps at defensive tackle while starters Budd Thacker and Paul Griffin are playing with the second unit.

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    Noles Feel The Heat As Practice Continues

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    With late afternoon weather always a concern and summer school now over, the Florida State football team will be practicing mostly in the morning. On Saturday the team hit the field for a 24-period practice in uppers. Despite a cool breeze and lower temperatures, heat was still a factor as newcomers and veterans both felt the affect. Sunday will be an off day from practice but there will still be a lot to do as the Seminoles will spend the morning meeting with the media and then head to fan day beginning at 1:00 p.m.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    “The thing that you have to do is make progress everyday for 25 days. I thought the kids understood a little bit more today what we’re trying to do. That’s going to be the key; just keep learning, learning, learning. The freshmen are going to have to learn real quick. I thought it was good practice. They all look good in those shorts.”

    On balancing the work between the new players and suspended returners:“Well right now we’re working them all equally; whether you’re on the second or first team you’re getting equal work. If you’re on the second team you could possibly be getting better work because you’re going up against the first-team defense. We’ll gradually ease that group that is going to play in that first ball game up to the first unit and build first unit pride.”

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Noles Practice Outdoors On Day Two

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    After spending the first day of practice on a basketball court of all places, the FSU football team was able to get outside Friday and practice for a full 20 periods. Although it was just a shorts practice, it was described as “very good” and “high-energy” by offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. The Seminoles will work out in shoulder pads for the first time this pre-season on Saturday and then take Sunday off from practice for media and fan day.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:
    “It was a spirited first practice which it normally is. Everybody is fresh. Last night we had to go inside because of the lightning. We wouldn’t mind practicing in the rain but lighting – you can’t have it. Thank goodness we were able to get outside today. I hope we are that lucky – we will go tomorrow probably around 9:30 or 10:00 or something in the morning.”

    On Corey Surrency

    “I was impressed with what I saw out there today. I’ll tell you there is some good young talent. This looks like some of the freshman teams we used to bring in.”

    Goodman Will Sit Three Games...Pressley Still Missing...OL Practice Lineup

    Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher has announced that senior WR Richard Goodman is among those suspended for the first three games because of the academic fraud scandal. FSU will be without about 10 players for the first three games.


    As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast my friend." Seems that junior college transfer Tavares Pressley who was expected to compete with senior Antone Smith didn’t practice due to academic issues. It had been reported previously that he had been cleared.

    So who is working on the offensive line currently? Working with the first team offensive line is new transfer LT Joe Tonga, LG Rodney Hudson, C Ryan McMahon, RG Will Furlong and RT Antwane Greenlee.