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    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Looking In The Mirror Is A Good Thing

    As the Noles coaching staff reflects on the loss at Wake, I hope they will look in the mirror. It seems to me that there are a few coaches that think it is ok to call out players for public humiliation. In my opinion, not very classy. We have Bobby Bowden that seems to not want to call Lee by his name while telling us all that Lee is the problem. We have Jimbo Fisher telling us that Lee doesn't know the plays. As I have said before, Jimbo ought to look on his $400,000 paycheck. It says QB coach and Offensive Coordinator. Maybe he is not doing something right. We hear constantly that Jimbo's offense is very sophisticated and difficult to learn. I sometimes think that coaches get caught up in the sophistication and ignore the basics. There are a lot of college football teams that win with fairly simple play calling. Maybe Jimbo should understand that simplicity can be a good thing.

    And then we have the running game. What is Rick Trickett doing to get his offensive line better? Apparently not much. The point is that there are a lot of things wrong and to try and scapegoat the blame on one player is not only classless but ridiculous. We have a team that commits the highest number of penalties in the country. We have a team that can't run a lick. We have offensive playing calling as in the last game that is very suspect.

    So coaches do your job. And if you have a beef with a player,talk to him and coach him. Don't use him as a shield for your shortcomings. That is not what you are being paid to do at FSU.

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    ChromeAtari said...

    Amen to that! Let's hope that over the past week the FSU coaching staff has given there best to show confidence in all of the players.