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    Monday, October 22, 2007

    No Cherry Is Good

    * Whenever you have the name of Ron Cherry mentioned as officiating an ACC game, you know that you are in trouble. This was the Keystone Cops Part II. There were two or three major calls that were down right bad.

    * Chris Weinke was at the game with his son. FSU should have suited Weinke up for the Noles. Remember the good old days of Ward and Weinke? Good times.

    * First time in thirty years that neither team was ranked. Times have changed.

    * Jimbo Fisher was on the sideline for first time in twelve years. After the game, he sounded as if he will continue to be on sidelines.

    * Did no one on defense think that Miami might go for a fake field goal?

    * Anyone beside myself sick and tired of hearing the "Wide Right" references?

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