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    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Noles Make Duke Blue 25-6

    The good news is that the Noles are 5-3 and beat Duke 25-6. However, before the Nole nation gets too giddy, let's consider a few facts. Duke ranked 104 out of 119 major universities in pass defense. Opponents have passed for 272 yards a game against Duke. FSU exceeded that with Drew passing for 339 yards. In rush defense, Duke ranked 74th in the nation and was allowing 166 yards a game by opponents. FSU exceeded that by rushing for 195 yards. In points scored by opponents, Duke ranked 100 in the nation allowing 33 points a game. The Noles underperformed in that category when compared to other Duke opponents by scoring 25 points.

    This is a team that somehow cannot seem to put points on the board in the red zone. Tonight they put up a lot of yards against a terrible defense and yet still managed to score only twenty-five points. Weatherford played ok but one has to ask how would Lee have played against this Duke defense?

    If you watched Sun Sports and the interview with Bobby Bowden immediately after the game you saw in my opinion a lack of class in his statements. He sang the praises of Weatherford and managed to take a swipe at Lee. The swipe was when he made a comment about Drew as a QB not losing the game. Wonder if Bobby remembers all the games that Drew has lost as a starting QB? This in my opinion is bush league behavior by a coach.


    Stadium and Pensacola said...

    i hate this team. Poor Xman. He gets the tds, weatherford did manage the game good but in college football u need a playmaker in the qb spot.

    Man X, i feel for ya. u should have transfered. they didn;t even give him any snaps. BS. Bobby said what, im telling you he has no class. i thought it was Jimbos decision. Who would have thought i would ever say that bobby has no class. WTF is wrong with him. Im calling in his show and im gonna fool the screener and rip into him.

    Go noles f_ck admin

    tallynolefan said...

    i hope more people will call into the show. The last time I checked, you lose as a team and you also win aa a team. I think that Lee has been treated shabbily. I think Drew is a decent kid but he is an average QB.