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    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Three And Out: FSU-Duke

    This week's "Three And Out" comes from Jeff Shain of The Miami Herald. Jeff is in his third season covering FSU for The Miami Herald, where he also writes a weekly column on the BCS and national scene. Before joining the Herald, he served 10 years as UPI's college sports editor and three years writing for the AP. Thanks to Jeff for his answers.

    1. What is your take in regard to the decision to switch from Lee to Weatherford?

    Neither guy has shown the ability to take the job and run with it, so why limit yourself? We've seen that Lee usually starts off well and slowly fizzles as the game wears on. Maybe "middle relief" could be the right fit. When the hot hand isn't hot anymore, switch. The real dilemma's going to come if neither guy is humming.

    2. Miami has now played both FSU and Duke. What do you see as the major concern for the Noles in playing Duke this week?

    Overcoming the mindset that, "Oh, it's just Duke." It may not show in the record, but the Blue Devils are well improved this year. Until the Virginia Tech game, Duke hadn't lost by more than 11 since opening week. The defense still gives up points in bunches, but FSU can't count on taking advantage these days.

    3. I have not seen Duke play. Their offensive production on paper seems pretty impressive. How would you rate QB Thaddeus Lewis and receiver Eron Riley?

    I've only caught a little bit of the Blue Devils myself, but everything I've heard about Lewis is glowing. His mobility keeps plays alive when the O-line breaks down, and he has the arm strength to throw it deep. Once he cuts down on his mistakes (8 INT), he can get off the roller coaster. Nor does it hurt that he's a Miami Lakes kid. I'd put Riley among the 3-4 most dangerous receivers in the ACC right now, and he still has two years in front of him.

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