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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    My View: A Great Tribute

    The unveiling of the "Seminole Family" statue last Friday was a great tribute to the Seminole tribe and to the great relationship between FSU and the Seminoles. FSU leadership has done an excellent job of cultivating that relationship.

    The NCAA last year sanctioned the use of the Seminoles name and mascot for use by FSU sports programs. Yet, there is still the politically correct crowd urging universities like FSU and professional football teams to stop using Indian names and mascots. This silly crowd calls FSU and others racist for using these names and mascots. This despite the overwhelming endorsement by the Seminole tribe of the name and mascot.

    I applaud FSU for its concerted efforts to develop this relationship. The Seminole statue is now a permanent addition to the stadium complex and can be viewed by countless fans every year. This is a great tribute to the Unconquered, the Seminoles.

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