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    Monday, September 03, 2007

    My View: "Where The Rubber Hits The Road"

    It's almost time for the 2007 season of Seminole football to begin, And to use an often quoted phrase,this is "where the rubber hits the road." Hot grueling practices are left behind as the Noles now focus on their opponents.

    To continue with the car and highway analogy, FSU now has a high octane coaching staff. As Bobby Bowden has stated, it's the best money can buy. There is only one Bowden on the coaching staff and that is a good thing.

    There are lots of questions to be answered on this 2007 team. Can Drew Weatherford have a year in which he sees the light and becomes a smart playmaker? Will the offensive line be improved enough to allow for a running game? Will the receivers be more disciplined in route running and pass catching? And can Mickey Andrews manage to have another good defensive team after losing Davis and Timmons? And will this be the year that our kicking game will perform above our low expectations of them?

    The road to the top of the ACC this year will be challenging to say the least. The Noles can no longer walk on the field and expect to win. The Mercedes has been replaced with a Ford. It can still get take you places but the ride may be more bumpy.

    Expectations are probably too high for this 2007 team. And yet Bobby Bowden and probably most fans would rather shoot high than focus on the middle of the road. It will be interesting to see how 2007 develops. Wherever it takes us as a Nole nation, let's hope we enjoy the ride.

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