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    Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Schiano Gets A Pie

    Apparently Rutgers coach Greg Schiano loves piling it on. Schiano had one good year last year and is ranked this year. With recognition also comes scrutiny and somewhere along the line it seems Schiano has lost class and a sense of sportsmanship.

    Case in point. Rutgers was stomping a Division I-AA opponent by 45-0 calls but still used all three of its time-outs near the end of the first half to get the ball back and score again. Nice. This was against a clearly outmatched Norfolk State.Six touchdowns were accomplished in just 11 plays and a total of 91 seconds. That didn't stop Schiano from using his time-outs on Norfolk's final possession of the half, trying to squeeze in one more possession of his own.

    Norfolk State coach Pete Adrian after the game stated, "Forty-eight-zip and you're calling three time-outs at the end?" Hey, if that turns you on, it's fine."

    So here's a pie in your face Greg Schiano. Hopefully you will learn the meaning of class sooner rather than later.

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