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    Friday, September 28, 2007

    Roll Tide Travel Kit

    Leeps, the forty-five year old lifetime student has an opinion about most everything. The following is his satire about Alabama fans. Any resemblance to actual Alabama fans is purely coincidental:

    Travel Kit for the game:

    1. English dictionary for traveling outside state of Alabama.

    2. Autographed picture of Bear Bryant.

    3. Autographed picture of Gene Stallings.

    4. Autographed picture of Nick Saban.

    5. Autographed picture of Joe Namath in hose.

    6. Tooth powder to clean their tooth.

    7. Adequate supply of Nehi Orange and peanuts.

    8. Lots of pork rinds.

    9. Whip and handcuffs.

    10.Toilet paper, boxes of Tide, and wooden dowels for that clever cheer "Roll Tide."

    11. Bear Bryant houndstooth hats.

    12. Sticky picture of Bama elephant for the motel room.

    13. Moon Pies.

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