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    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    East Coast Battles To Watch This Week

    No games of monumental importance but there are some interesting matchups to watch this week.

    Texas A&M at Miami- Miami gets a Thursday night game to show a national audience if they have improved.

    Georgia at Alabama
    - FSU fans will be watching to see how good the Bama team is before next week.

    Michigan at Penn State
    - A 1-2 Michigan and Lloyd Carr tries to upset Joe Pa.

    Michigan St. at Notre Dame
    - Crew Cut Charlie and his hapless 0-3 Irish get to see if they can beat Michigan State.

    North Carolina at South Florida- Will the ACC get humiliated again in a non-conference game?

    South Carolina at LSU
    - If there is good Karma, then LSU will pummel no class Spurrier and South Carolina.

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