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    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Head To Head Matchup: Wide Receiver

    Senior wide receiver DJ Hall is one of the big time players for Alabama. Hall who is from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida as a junior led the team in receiving with 57 catches for 1014 yards and five touchdowns.

    Entering the Arkansas game Hall needed only 34 yards to eclipse the 2,070 yards receiving record set by Hall of Fame end Ozzie Newsome. He got it on the first play of the game.Through four games in 2007, the 6'2" Hall has 337 yards receiving and has scored two TDs. Hall did not have a particularly good game against Georgia having only 46 yards, three catches, and no TDs. Bama wide receiver Mike McCoy at 6'3" has 115 yards with no TDs. Another Bama receiver Matt Caddell has 96 reception yards and 1 TD.

    So who is the go to receiver for the Noles? Who knows. As of this point in time, there hasn't been a receiver that has stepped up for the Noles. We had the comments of De'Cody Fagg who admitted to taking plays off and has consistently dropped passes. It may be that some of the younger receivers will be the ones that serve as catalysts for the receiving corps. As it stands now, Greg Carr is the leader in reception yards with 153 yards,8 catches,and 1 TD. Preston Parker is second in receiving yards with 135 yards, 9 catches, and no TDs. Richard Goodman is third with Fagg coming in at number 5 behind Antone Smith. The Noles through three games have 600 yards through the air.

    Greg Carr last year was a TD scoring machine with 12 TDs but none of the primary receivers this year have showed much as yet. Receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey must be having nightmares. Carr at 6'6" is a large target that hopefully Weatherford will be able to find on Saturday against Bama.

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