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    Friday, September 28, 2007

    Saban Nation

    Bama football is now Saban Nation. Nick Saban can do no wrong in Alabama. He could be crowned king or Caesar. Here's what the columnist for the Alabama Press-Register, Paul Finebaum, said recently, "... the Tide is the most exciting team in college football. Hands down. Regardless of the record in 2007, the games the last two weekends have provided Nick Saban a magical recruiting wand -- not that he really needed anything else going his way. " Not to be outdone in his sycophantic hyperbole, Mr. Finebaum said this after Nick Saban signed his contract, "University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban finally signed his eight-year, $32 million contract the other day and the Tide Nation rejoiced. But is he worth the money? Absolutely not. In fact, he's probably worth twice that amount."

    Then there are those that hate him. One blog post said this, "He lied. Nick Saban is a documented liar, and the University of Alabama has just offered $32 million for 8 years of the coach’s service." Yes, he did lie. No denying that. He looked at the cameras and told the nation and the Miami Dolphins that he would not be going to Alabama. Period.

    So the Saban nation will be hailing Caesar at the game while others will be simply saying go to hell. College football. You've got to love it.

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