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    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Bowden Out Of Touch

    In the body of the FSU sports information release regarding the Wednesday practice for the Noles was this gem from Bobby Bowden.

    In reference to Bert Reed's suspension,Bowden said this. "I’m afraid that some people are making too much out of that, it’s missing classes.”

    Are you kidding me? Is he saying that it's no big deal that he missed classes? This is the same Bobby Bowden that time after time after time when players have committed serious offenses has simply patted them on the head and had them run stadium steps. After all, two players resisting arrest and assaulting the police last year did not even warrant a suspension.

    Bowden knows that after the academic fraud scandal the university implemented an attendance policy in which the athletes were to abide. Now he is being dismissive of the policy it seems. The players knew the policy and consequences and when a player violates the policy, he is putting his interests above that of the team.

    For Bowden to make this ridiculous comment shows how profoundly he is out of touch. But then again, a lot of us knew that already.


    Eric said...

    Yikes! I hope that the intention of his statement was not what it sounds like. Could it be that Bobby was trying to say something like, "Well, dadgumit, some folks are saying Reed's been arrested like Janikowski for felony assault or DUI. It was missing classes, which is a serious offense that we will condemn with a zero tolerance response to the fullest degree within our power, but it wasn't a felony, just to be clear with ya'll"? I hope that's what he meant. By the way, his comment about not wanting Va Tech to know Reed was out for the game wasn't much better. Shouldn't he model values that place a greater importance on academics and off-the-field behavior above the W-L columns? Academic infractions ought not be factored into the gameday strategy in my opinion.

    tallynolefan said...

    From the comments that I have read regarding Reed's suspension, most people don't seem to think it is a big deal. However, I view it differently. It is a policy that was implemented due to the academic fraud scandal and Bobby Bowden should be publicy stating that players have to abide by the rules.

    Regarding Bowden's comment about not disclosing it for the opponent, I don't have a real problem with that in that teams do this all the time. They try and keep that from the opponent so they cannot plan accordingly.

    Your broader question concerning academics and off the field behavior is an important issue.