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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Everette Brown Leads Defense With 3 Sacks Against Hokies

    There is still a lot of work to do but the Noles cleared another hurdle as they defeated Virginia Tech. Here are the grades which may be a tad generous:

    Offensive Line: The offensive line play was not great as they allowed four sacks. Not a lot of holes created for the running game which was under 100 yards. This is definitely a work in progress.
    Grade: D

    Running Game: The running game was average as Antone Smith rushed for 57 yards of which 39 yards was on one play for a TD.
    Grade: B-

    QB: Ponder completed 11-of-19 passes for 158 yards and one touchdown. He threw no interceptions and was aided by some great catches from Easterling and Carr.
    Grade: B-

    Offensive Coaching: The first half was anemic but the Noles managed to get some offense in second half.
    Grade: B-

    Receivers: Greg Carr had 3 catches for 100 yards and Easterling made two great catches. The rest of the receivers were silent.
    Grade: B-

    Defense and Defensive Coaching:The defense played with intensity led by Everette Brown with 3 sacks. Secondary is still a concern.
    Grade: B

    Penalties: The Noles had 8 penalties for 73 yards. So what else is new.
    Grade: D

    Special Teams: No major goof ups this week by special teams although kickoff coverage needs to improve. The Hokies averaged almost 31 yards on returns. Gano had a punting average of almost 52 yards on three punts and his field goal kicking was dead solid perfect as he had another 50 yarder for the fourth consecutive game.
    Grade: B+

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