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    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    "Could Someone Explain It?"

    "Now isn't this a sorry picture. A new coach before he does a days work is the top paid assistant. Year in and year out Mickey Andrews produces a stellar defense. Sending players every year into the NFL with first round draft picks a matter of course. Could someone explain it? To the casual observer it seems incredible that his salary is not very close to Coach Bowden's. The Jeff Bowden fiasco has illuminated the magnitude of the internal problems of the Athletic Department. This pay disparity is a Dave Hart problem. Deciding to give a failed coach a departure bonus of over $500,000.00 and a nice new executive job while denying a competitive salary to a proven coach who is revered throughout the nation is a troubling sign of Mr Hart's ability to administer the athletic department."
    Posted by "Bob" on Tallahassee Democrat web site in regard to booster compensation for Jimbo Fisher

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