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    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Bowden Contract Hot Topic Of Discussion

    One of the hot questions that is getting buzz on talk radio and the message boards is will the large number of head coaching vacancies lead to some of the current FSU coaches being hired. In addition, the question that is being openly asked now is how much longer is Bobby Bowden going to be at FSU? Bowden's agent and FSU are currently in negotiations regarding his contract that expires in January. Supposedly, Bobby Bowden wants a five-year extension. However, according to sources, there is discussion that Wetherell and prominent boosters want a two year incentives or bonus contract that is based on results.

    The added element to this is the status of Jimbo Fisher and how he fits into the negotiations. Some are speculating that the only way to keep Fisher at FSU is to have some formal agreement regarding a timetable for Bowden's departure and his endorsement of Fisher as his successor. This has been done at other schools such as Wisconsin. It will be interesting to see what transpires and if Bobby Bowden puts the good of the program and its long term goals ahead of his personal goals.

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