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    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Monday Morning Quarterback: FSU-Maryland Game

    Noles notch win number 7 against Maryland:

    Offensive Line: Probably a combination of the offensive line improving and Preston Parker athleticism.
    Grade: B

    Running Game: Parker had a great day running the ball. Now he has to learn to hang onto it but that comes with experience.
    Grade: A-

    QB: Drew looked sharp in first quarter and it was downhill after that.
    Grade: C

    Offensive Coaching: Offense looks as if it cannot play a complete game. With exception of Parker, offense was not there for most of the game.
    Grade: B-

    Receivers: There was only 1 TD through the air. Receiver corps suffering from QB play. Tight ends did get some catches.
    Grade: B-

    Defense and Defensive Coaching: Secondary is very troubling. Defense did have five sacks, one interception, held Terps to less than 100 yards rushing, and 16 points.
    Grade: B-

    : Noles only had 3 penalties for 37 yards.
    Grade: B

    Kicking Game: Gano was good on punts along with Moody and Cismesia was 1 for 1 on field goals.
    Grade: B

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