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    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Remembering Those Who Gave The Ultimate

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    88kfsu said...

    Besides the widespread academic misconduct case involved 61 athletic students and 3 academic instructors at FSU, another academic misconduct case at the College of Engineering of FSU has been revealed:

    I believe that FSU has the trouble in understanding the value of the higher education at the university.

    I hope FSU president could understand that the higher education should have the higher standard of ethic and taking of student's advantage should never been the choice of a decent university!

    If the "WIN" is just used as a tool to get fake reputation of the university, if the FSU president does not care the academic integrity, what the "reputation" it could be to FSU?!

    I hope that NCAA can help FSU to follow the academic rule by giving them more serious sanctions!

    God Bless FSU!