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    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    Is This The Year For Clemson?

    Amid gusting winds and cold temperatures, Clemson's football team kicked off spring practice on Saturday morning.

    According to head coach Tommy Bowden, this should be the most competitive spring at every position since he has been at Clemson. According to a press release by Bowden, "We've got the most talented group of freshmen coming in -- top to bottom -- and were playing the best guys, regardless of length of tenure or what they've accomplished in the past. "

    The spring practice did not start out well as Clemson starting middle linebacker Cortney Vincent has been suspended for the Tigers' spring practice session for violating an unspecified team and athletics department policy.

    Clemson will be seeking to replace both offensive tackle positions as they lose All-American Barry Richardson and starter Christian Capote. In addition, the Tigers will be rebuilding at linebacker and with the news regarding Vincent that is not good.

    Clemson is strong at QB having both Cullen Harper and Willy Korn. The only question there is regarding their health.

    FSU plays Clemson Nov. 8 @ FSU

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