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    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Weatherford Misses Practice:Spring Practice Report- Day 5

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The Seminoles ditched the full pads for shells on Monday but the players probably would have appreciated the long pants as the team practiced in 60 degree temperatures. With strong wind gusts the weather felt much cooler yet that didn't stop FSU from going 22 periods. The shells didn't stop the team from hitting either as there were plenty of thuds heard around the practice fields.


    Senior quarterback Drew Weatherford did not participate Monday due to a sore right knee from Saturday's scrimmage.

    For the second straight practice, the Seminoles opened up working on punt and punt block.

    After some work in position groups and in scout, the practice moved to 3-on-3 in period 13.

    During 3-on-3 drills Budd Thacker was the only lineman to make multiple tackles at the first level. Everette Brown, Justin Mincey and Emmanuel Dunbar all made tackles as well. Aaron Gresham was the only linebacker to make two tackles at the second level while Dekoda Watson, Vince Williams and Kendall Smith all recorded a tackle as well. Patrick Robinson had two tackles at the third level and Rod Roberts and Darius McClure each pulled down a back.

    D'Vontrey Richardson had a couple nice runs during inside drills and both Antone Smith and Brandon Paul scored TDs. Rodney Hudson had the block of the day as he put his defensive lineman on his back.

    While inside was going on, the receivers and DB's faced off. Christian Ponder connected on passes with Rod Owens and Richard Goodman. Tony Carter and Terrance Parks broke up passes.

    Skeleton was run exclusively from the red zone so there were a lot of TDs. Richardson scored on passes to Owens and Richard Goodman while Ponder connected on TDs with Taiwan Easterling, Bert Reed and Jonathan Hannah. Jamie Robinson had two interceptions and Kenny Ingram broke up a pass.

    In pass rush the offensive linemen had a nice drill. Hudson, A.J. Ganguzza, Evan Bellamy and Daron Rose won multiple match-ups. Brandon Davis, Ryan McMahon and Will Furlong also had wins. For the defense Brown got to the QB three times and Dunbar, Kevin McNeil and Justin Mincey each beat their man twice. Jamar Jackson also had a sack.

    After the offense broke off to work on no-huddle, practice finished with 11-on-11 and the defense had a great day, especially up front. Jackson, Dumaka Atkins and Paul Griffin all applied pressure to the QB's. Griffin's pressure resulted in a tipped ball that was picked off by Myron Rolle. Neefy Moffett had a tackle for loss and a sack. Dunbar also chipped in with a sack. Both Derek Nicholson and Recardo Wright generated pressure on the QB's as well. For the offense Paul had the biggest play of the day scoring on a run of 30+ yards. Richardson made a nice play with his feet when a play broke down and he scrambled out of danger and picked up a big chunk of yards. Richardson connected with Reed on a pass later in the drill. While Richardson was doing a good job with his feet, Ponder got the job done with his arm hitting Easterling and Owens on another play in which the defensive pressure caused him to break the pocket and improvise.

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