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    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Take Your Invitation And...

    The Gator Bowl folks may be scratching their heads after ditching FSU for a less talented team as Clemson. The Champs Sports Bowl outdrew the Gator Bowl matchup of Clemson and Nebraska in the television ratings. The Champs Sports Bowl drew a 4.5 rating while the Gator had a 4.1 rating. When the folks in Jacksonville come calling again hopefully FSU will tell them what to do with their invitation.

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    Richard said...

    The bowls are about attendance - not ratings. Do you keep running the same play that loses yardage every time?

    I work in downtown Jacksonville and New Years Eve Day was packed with Huskers and Tigers. There was a ton of energy and activity. FSU had its shot earlier and failed miserably. As a Jacksonville business owner, I really need these events to be successful. Bring in a good game with teams that traditionally travel!

    Face it, the fan base does not measure up to the traditional powers. Bobby got the program to an elite level, his disappointment is the fanbase did not reciprocate. Fan base needs to step up, win or lose.