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    Tuesday, June 02, 2009

    NCAA Files Its Response

    As anticipated, the NCAA did file its response on Tuesday to an appeal from Florida State University regarding the academic-misconduct case that resulted in sanctions for the school's athletic department. The response from the NCAA will not be made public for two weeks or until FSU can prepare its rebuttal.

    FSU issued the following release:

    As expected, the response by the Committee on Infractions to Florida State University’s appeal of one of the penalties recommended in the academic misconduct case was submitted to the NCAA today (Tuesday). Florida State University was notified via attached correspondence that the submission had been filed.

    Florida State University also learned today that information from the Enforcement Staff and the Committee on Infractions is, by NCAA procedure, posted on a secure NCAA custodial website. The NCAA’s site does not allow for the submission to be downloaded or printed, nor will Florida State University be sent a paper copy. Florida State’s outside counsel will be able to access the NCAA’s secure website in a read only manner.

    Florida State University General Counsel Betty Steffens will work with FSU’s outside counsel to prepare a rebuttal to the response by the Committee on Infractions. The rebuttal, which FSU will make public with certain adjustments due to state and federal privacy laws, is due to the NCAA Appeals Committee by June 17, 2009.

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    Calico Jack said...

    Good ol' "Print Screen" gets around that limit.