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    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Bobby Bowden Makes Statement Regarding Preston Parker

    Having been given a plea deal, Preston Parker will be suspended the first two games of the 2008 season, undergo biweekly drug testing, move into Burt Reynold Hall where there is adult supervision, have mandatory study hall and take on FSU-mandated community service above that instructed by the courts.

    “Preston made a very serious mistake and there are consequences when one of our boys gets in trouble,” FSU coach Bobby Bowden said. “Preston will have the opportunity to continue as a student and as an athlete at Florida State but he will have to earn that right.”

    1 comment:

    Calico Jack said...

    I can't help but laugh at Bobby's comment. The only way our players will miss games or playing time is if the state incarcerates them. BB will just look the other way.