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    Monday, May 19, 2008

    T.K. Against Students Going To Class With Six-Gun Strapped On

    FSU President T.K. Wetherell decided to also weigh in on the Preston Parker situation and guns in general. I have a suggestion for both Bobby and T.K. Get a spokesperson for the two of you. When you open your mouths, most of the time good things do not come out.

    So good old boy T.K. talked about guns and how a lot of our football players come from Adel and Cairo and go dove hunting after ball games or on Sunday. Note to T. K. The last time I checked you don't hunt doves with a handgun.

    "You don't want kids running around with guns and you don't want guns on campus," Wetherell said. "We certainly don't let them in the dorms and we don't want kids walking to class with a six-gun strapped on." Really T.K. ?

    The point T.K. is that these comments have validity in the context of a discussion involving such incidents as the Virginia Tech tragedy. They have very little or no validity in discussions regarding a football player who was illegally carrying a firearm in his car.

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