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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Fisher King

    Jimbo Fisher can do no wrong. After all, he is the successor in waiting - the next king of football at FSU. Not even a supposed breach of a contract will deter FSU from crowning him king in the future.

    The supposed breach of contract comes with the recent court deposition of West Virginia Athletic Director Ed Pastilong in which he stated that he shared conversations with Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher during the days after former Mountaineers coach Rich Rodriguez left the school for Michigan.

    According to that contract, signed by Fisher on Dec. 14, he would owe Florida State $2.5 million if he were to leave the school for another job at some point during the next three years. Further, he would owe FSU the same amount, according to the contract, if he were to "seek, solicit, invite, discuss, entertain, interview for, or accept any offer of or opportunities" to coach elsewhere.

    "No contract got breached," FSU President T.K. Wetherell said in December. "I think this West Virginia thing was a unique situation. His family's up there. He's from West Virginia. That's a whole different deal than, you know, some job in Texas somewhere or something.

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