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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Noles Hold Early Morning Practice

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    As will be the case throughout the spring, the Florida State football team held an early morning Tuesday practice. The squad hit the Doak Campbell Stadium turf at 7:20 a.m. and spent 28 periods in shorts. After two days getting acclimated, the pads will come out tomorrow as the team is expected to practice in shells on Wednesday.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden
    Opening statement:
    “We had to go in the a.m. because the class schedule is pretty well full this afternoon. Tomorrow we will go at the regular time. Again we are making progress. I saw a little bit, I thought we executed a little bit better today than we did yesterday. I see some good things happening but again you are looking at potential. You are looking at potential. Potential means you haven’t done it yet but at least it is potential. It would be a shame to look out there and not see any potential.”

    On how they will handle the injury to Manuel:
    “He (Christian Ponder) is getting most of (the reps) but some of those others kids aren’t doing bad. Thank goodness cause (Ponder) can’t throw all day long. He’ll get a sore arm. Some of those other kids will be able to help us in our drills and things.”

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