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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Bobby Bowden Stood By Jeff Bowden To the End

    Bobby Bowden had stood by his son's performance as offensive coordinator despite a notable decline in scoring and yardage gained in the past half dozen seasons.

    At his booster luncheon Monday, Bowden said he decided a couple of weeks ago to quit responding to critics seeking his son's ouster. The 77-year-old Bowden said he had reached the point where he was upset enough to punch somebody over the criticism his son was taking.

    Let's hope that the administration has learned a lesson. Never allow a coach to hire a relative. The comments of Bobby Bowden at his Monday luncheon shows a man that is arrogant beyond belief. He doesn't understand why people are upset. He doesn't get that nepotism is wrong everywhere except within the FSU football program.

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