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    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    FSU Able To Saddle Broncos With 28-20 Win

    FSU got the ball first in second half; Xavier starts at QB. On opening drive, FSU drove to WMU 27 yd. line. FSU FG attempt by Cismesia is no good.

    Next FSU drive, Booker fumbles at FSU 12 . FSU holds WMU to a FG. .FSU-14 WMU-13

    Third FSU possession, FSU drives ball to WMU 22 and FG attempt by Cismesia is no good.

    On first play after, Timmons intercepts WMU QB for FSU TD. Defense keeping FSU in game. FSU-21 WMU-13

    FSU holds WMU on a fourth down attempt. FSU defense does it again!

    With FSU hold, FSU takes over and goes for it on fourth down and makes the first. Lee to Greg Carr for TD within red zone for his 10th TD of the season. FSU-28 WMU-13

    WMU drives ball to FSU seven. WMU pass for 7 yd. TD on third down. FSU-28 WMU-20

    WMU on last possession, drives ball to FSU seven yard line and with 7 seconds left in game, WMU pass is picked off for FSU victory. FSU-28 WMU-20

    FSU Negatives:
    Couldn't convert third downs 1/10
    2 FGs missed by Cismesia.
    Kickoff coverage awful

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