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    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Monday Morning Quarterback:FSU-Virginia Game

    As I have said before, a win is a win. FSU needed the win even though it was over a 4-5 team.

    Bobby Bowden Coaching: Was he responsible for starting Lee? Well, he is the CEO.

    Grade: B

    Running Game: Running game did have over 100 yards with Lee the most yards.

    Grade: C-

    QB: Xavier Lee had his ups and downs and some of that was due to play calling by you know who. He had no INTs.

    Grade: B

    Offensive Coaching:Offense showed some signs of life especially in second half.


    Receivers: Receivers and tight ends had a pretty good day.


    Defensive Coaching:Defense was the star of the day. They had 5 sacks, a safety, and 2 INTs. Super effort!


    Intangibles/Special Teams Play: Penalties were down and special teams play was better.


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