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    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    My Buys and Sells for FSU-Wake Game

    Wake Forest Mascot:The history of the Demon Deacon blends tradition, sports, and religion. It goes back to the Roaring Twenties when a school reporter gave the football team the nickname "Demon Deacons" after a "devilish" win over the Trinity Blue Devils, now known as the Duke Blue Devils.At the time, Wake Forest was the only college in the state without a mascot. In 1941, Jack R. Baldwin ('43) became an early Deacon mascot when he took on a fraternity brother's dare and dressed up as he thought an old-time Baptist deacon would: top hat, tuxedo, and carrying a black umbrella. The football crowd loved it, and a tradition was born. In 1980, the Demon Deacon evolved into a complete costume with the large Deacon head. Ok, bottom line-another costumed mascot. I am selling.

    Jim Grobe Wake Head Coach:Grobe has done a great job at the smallest school in the ACC and with less talented athletes than the majority of the other ACC schools. I am buying.

    Bobby Bowden Head Coach:Ok, a broken record. He is the CEO and has lost the games this year that we should have won. Still selling.

    Mickey Andrews Defensive Coordinator:One of the best defensive minds in college football. Deserves more credit for FSU success than he has gotten. I am buying.

    Xavier Lee Will Have A Good Game:Looked nervous in Virginia game until second half. He seems to have provided a spark that was needed. I am buying.

    Myron Rolle Will Get His First Int:He almost got his first Int. last week against Virginia. Big time players make big time plays in big games. I am buying.

    Veterans Will Be FSU Captains:The captains for Saturday's games will be made up of FSU players who are veterans. Thanks to these guys and all veterans who are willing to volunteer and defend our country. I am enthusiastically buying.

    Lorenzo Booker Will Play At WR:There has been some talk of Booker playing WR to give the Noles another dimension. Will he do that this week? I doubt it. I am selling.

    FSU Will Have 100 yds. or More Rushing:Well, if they are smart and no one ever accused Jeff Bowden of that, they will have a balanced attack. I am predicting they will run. I am buying.

    Greg Carr Will Have At Least One TD:I will say it again. Carr needs to get more physical. I believe he will be able to get some catches against an undersized secondary. I am buying.

    Chris Davis Will Have More Catches Than Carr:Davis has really stepped up this year. He is a quality receiver and runs great routes. Look for a big game for Davis. I am buying.

    FSU Defense Will Hold Wake to Less Than 100 Yds. Rushing:Defense has some players coming back such as Geno Hayes. I am buying.

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