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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Press Conference Comments By Dave Hart

    The following are comments made by FSU Athletic Director Dave Hart announcing the resignation of Jeff Bowden.

    Explain how you go about finding a successor here.

    Hart: That's yet to come. Certainly those conversations will take place in the coming days and weeks. I'm sure Bobby has people already in mind and again that will unfold in due time.

    Is there maybe a short list that exists at this time?

    Hart: It would be inappropriate at this juncture to even have that conversation and we have not had that conversation.

    When were you first aware this was going to occur?

    Hart: A couple of days agos is when the conversations began. Again, Jeff inititiated his desire to come and visit with me. We've had the opportunity to visit at length.

    Is there a formal agreement between the university and Jeff?

    There is a formal agreement in process.

    How much did Jeff express indicate to you the frustration, anger from the fan base had to do with this decision.

    Hart: I would not go into the specifics of what was a professional, candid and private conversation nor do I would think Jeff would have offered what he had to say if he thought I was going to share that in a public forum.

    How difficult has this been with father and son?

    Hart: I think when you read Bobby's statement it is very clear that this is a tough day for Bobby.

    Can you explain what it means to have him re-assigned outside the apartment?

    Hart: He will be re-assigned outside the department of athletics. This element is very common within the university system because contracts in this instance run from early August to early August. So during that time Jeff will re-assigned totally outside the department of athletics. We're still discussing what that specific moment will be at this time.

    Do you anticipate any other vacancies on the coaching staff?

    Hart: That would be something that will be determined by Coach Bowden at the appropriate time and that's not a conversation for today.

    Will Jeff coach in a bowl game?

    Hart: He will definitely coach through the Florida game. Beyond that, some more conversation will have to be held to see how and Bobby feel about anything beyond that.

    Why was the decision announced today?

    Hart: It made perfect sense to me to go ahead and expedite the process to bring it to culmination. The innuendo and speculation -- to have that continue and go into the next two weeks -- that wasn't going to be fair to anyone involved in my judgment and Jeff concurred.

    Is this the first time you've had these conversations.

    Hart: Jeff and I have had ongoing conversations. That's not atypical with any coach or coaching staff.

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