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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Q & A: Jeff Bowden

    This interview with the media by Jeff Bowden on Monday night shows a guy who just not get it. Let's blame the players but not the coaches. No one knows anything but Bobby Bowden. And we wonder why we are 5-5?

    Is the area that has been the most disappointing is the wide receivers because of the drops and lack of big plays?

    Bowden: And the lack of production after catches. I don't think I went in saying we'll catch every one. . . . But we're not making much happen after the catch. This might be a very, very lean year in YACs. I lost a couple of guys in the spring that could have given us a whole different face. Right now we threaten half the football field.

    Doesn't that hurt the running game?

    Bowden: When they can isolate and sit there and play one-on-one on one receiver and shut down half the field, you're not making anything big happen. It exposes you a little bit, and we've been exposed a little bit.

    The potential you feel this offense has, is it just matter of people improving?

    Bowden: We've got some growing up to do. There's no question. What does that mean? We've got some kids that've got to play tougher. I mean they are freshmen. They are just trying to figure it out. I also have a sense of reality that these guys' future is going to be great.

    Your dad all year, through all the stuff being said, has maintained that he is excited.

    Bowden: The future of this team is unbelievable . . .

    Personally, how do you block all the stuff going on all around you?

    Bowden: The same answer I've given you the last three years. I can't (pay attention). I wouldn't survive. . . . Nobody is immune to this. It's like Dad said and one thing I've learned, and this is the truth, every team that lost I'm sure there's a coordinator in that town is catching crud.

    Do you feel like your dad - If your last name were different, it would be different?

    Bowden: I don't know. That I don't know. I think any (offensive) coordinator here (catches it).

    Last year he got as angry as we've ever seen him defending you. How do you feel when you hear or see it about him?

    Bowden: One day I might answer that. You want me to defend the winningest football coach in history - him and Joe Paterno. Nobody has to defend those two men. The ignorance is that those two men - not just Bobby Bowden but Joe Paterno also - don't know what the heck is going on . . . doesn't see the problems. He sees the problems we're having. He knows what battles I'm fighting, and he knows what battles these other coaches (are) battling. You just don't win that many games and not know. He's not removed like everybody thinks. He's involved when he has to. . . . Thank God he lets his coaches coach and steps in when he doesn't have to. Don't think he doesn't step in.

    Does he ask you how can we get this fixed?

    Bowden: We talk about our weaknesses are a lot. I go out there before practice every day and we talk about the game plan. . . . When he sees problems he points them out to me.

    You're confident with this personnel and this offensive staff you have that you guys can get this straight?

    Bowden: When these kids grow up you're going to have a heck of a football team. When you get all these guys healthy you are going to have a heck of a football team.

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