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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Tallahassee Democrat Cites Yours Truly In Severance Article

    The Tallahassee Democrat in an article regarding the Jeff Bowden/Boosters agreement cites yours truly and this blog.

    "But some fans are unhappy with the agreement. Walt Trexler, a 1972 FSU graduate, addresses the current state of the FSU football program on his Web site, He understands that money paid to Bowden by the Boosters does not come from donations, but that didn't temper his disappointment.

    "If that money wasn't spent on this so-called severance package it could be used for more worthy uses than buying out Jeff Bowden," Trexler said.

    The text of the full article can be read here.


    Jordi said...

    Maybe I haven't been following FSU football that long, but can't believe that the Bowden family had much to do with this directly. This seems like, dare I say, an organized coup by the boosters. By giving Jeff an offer he couldn't refuse, they placate the family and keep Bobby somewhat happy. It bothers me that the boosters have that sort of power over the program. I always thought the AD and the Head Coach were in charge and the Boosters were their for support. I guess I was wrong.
    On an added note, I even took the time to write Booster president Andy Miller and express my disapproval. In his response he stated that we can now all get behind the team. I would rather get behind two more years of a "high school offense" than to know the Boosters can run roughshod over the program.

    tallynolefan said...

    Well, unfortunately, boosters have a great deal of power.

    Thanks for expressing your disapproval to the boosters. I hope everyone will do that.