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    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    Breaking Down Florida's Punting Game

    The Gators have a freshman doing their punting duties this season. 6'4" 200 lb. Chas Henry has 32 punts for an average of 38,9 yards on the season with his longest punt being 53 yards. He has punted the ball inside the 20 yard line 12 times this season and 16 of his punts have been fair catches.

    According to the Gators, he is a versatile athlete who was rated the No. 1 punter in the nation by one of the scouting services out of high school.

    He was not only a punter and field goal kicker in high school but also led his squad to the quarterfinals of the Georgia state playoffs as quarterback by throwing for more than 1,700 yards and 17 touchdowns.

    Do I smell a trick play involving a pass by Mr. Henry sometime during his Gator career?

    Key Stat: Florida ranks #11 out of 12 SEC teams in punting stats.

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    andrew travis pantazi said...

    I think when looking at punting stats, it is most important to look at those times when Chas Henry has put it inside the five instead of his average. Ijjas is not the best place kicker so the Gators often rely on Chas Henry when there is not much yardage to go. Such as during the Seminole game, Henry punted it from the FSU 40 to the 2 yard line. Not a lot of yards but amazing pin-point accuracy. I want to see Chas Henry win the Ray Guy award next year.