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    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Coaches Gone Mad

    Wyoming Coach Joe Glenn has apologized for making an obscene gesture to the Utah team after the Utes tried an onside kick while ahead by 43 points Saturday. Glenn was reprimanded by the Mountain West Conference later in the day and Utah coach Kyle Whittingham acknowledged the onside kick with a 43-0 lead was a "bad decision." Wyoming recovered the onside kick in the middle of the third quarter and Glenn gave the finger to the Utes, who went on to win 50-0 in Salt Lake City.Utah players and coaches came out extremely motivated, in large part by remarks Glenn had made to Wyoming boosters earlier in the week. He guaranteed a victory in Salt Lake City.

    Not to be outdone in the madness category, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach blistered the crew that handled Texas' 59-43 victory over his Red Raiders in Austin on Saturday. Leach went so far as to question the very integrity of the crew which was headed by an official who as Leach angrily pointed out lives in Austin. The officiating, he said, "was a complete travesty." He called the Big 12's system of referee oversight "a sham." And he suggested that Big 12 referees usually favor the Longhorns because their higher bowl value means more money for the conference if they continue to win. No word yet on what the Big 12 will do in regard to the Leach remarks.

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