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    Friday, November 02, 2007

    Keys to FSU-Boston College Game

    So which Nole team will be playing at Chestnut Hill this Saturday night? Hopefully it will be the one that showed up in Jacksonville and defeated Bama.

    * Broken record but must be said. Noles cannot commit excessive penalties away and expect to win the game.

    * Noles have to have a run game. If not, it will probably be a long night for the Seminoles.

    * Noles defense needs to get to Ryan. Must capitalize on mistakes and make some interceptions. Defense must play a complete game to the very end.

    * Drew Weatherford must play within himself and play smart. Weatherford needs to look for obvious height mismatches in our receivers and their secondary.

    * At least one of the receivers needs to have a breakout game against BC. Carr's height should be advantage.

    * Noles need to convert third downs and move the ball down the field.Time of possession could be critical part of the game.

    * Kicking game and field position will be critical.

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