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    Monday, November 05, 2007

    Monday Morning Quarterback: FSU-Boston College Game

    Noles had their most complete game of the year:

    Offensive Line: Offensive line played a great game . This is a much improved line from earlier in the year. Test will be to see if this continues for rest of the season.
    Grade: A-

    Running Game: Antone Smith didn't break the 100 yard mark against a tough BC defense but he ran the ball and caught the ball enough to keep BC defense honest.
    Grade: B+

    QB: Drew put up good numbers and had no interceptions. Had his best game of the year by far.
    Grade: A

    Offensive Coaching: Good game plan against BC. Execution was much better also. Fisher on sidelines seems to help.
    Grade: A-

    Receivers: Receivers had good night. Fagg looked good and Carr was more physical with his runs after the catch. Parker as always was good.

    Defense and Defensive Coaching: Mickey had defense up for the game. Three interceptions and fumble was key to game. There were some lapses in secondary coverage.
    Grade: A-

    Intangibles: Penalties were down although they came at critical times. Contributed to lack of red zone scores.
    Grade: C

    Special Teams Play: Gano had a great night although Cismesia missed two FGs. Weather may have contributed to misses.
    Grade: B

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