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    Friday, November 16, 2007

    My Buys And Sells For FSU-Maryland

    Maryland mascot- A turtle? Give me a break. And to top it off a clothed turtle named Testudo. I am selling.

    FSU will have 50 yards or less in penalties- The Noles went under 50 last week-barely. They had 45 yards in penalties but I'm not a believer yet. I am selling.

    Maryland QB will be sacked at least two times-Sacks have not come easy for Noles this year. I think they will turn it up a notch against the Terps. I am buying.

    Maryland QB will be intercepted at least once- I think Maryland QB gets picked off at least once. I am buying.

    Drew Weatherford will be intercepted at least once- Drew has had only one interception this year. I think he stays that way. I am selling.

    De'Cody Fagg will have at least one TD- Fagg will be playing his last game as a senior in Tallahassee on Saturday. I think he will get one this Saturday. I am buying.

    Maryland will run for 100 yards or more
    - Terps rank #5 in ACC in rushing offense. Noles rank #4 in rush defense. I am betting on Noles. I am selling.

    Antone Smith will run for 100 yards or more- Nope. Hopefully he will be able to run at all. I am selling.

    "The Weed" will get at least one FG- I think Cismesia gets at least one on Senior Day and his last game in Tallahassee. I am buying.

    Noles will score at least 30 points- FSU is averaging a little under 24 points a game. They need to get the offense going but I don't think they will hit 30. I am selling.

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