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    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Will Xavier Lee Play At FSU Again?

    Drew Weatherford took a vicious hit in the Virginia Tech game and was replaced with freshman Christian Ponder. Xavier Lee did not travel with the squad due to his two game suspension which ended with the Virginia Tech game. So would Xavier Lee start against Maryland on Saturday if Drew was not cleared to play? Bobby Bowden was asked that question and refused to answer. By the way, he did not defer to Jimbo Fisher which should have been the response. This is once again a mystery to me.

    I will first say that as a former educator, I absolutely do not condone Lee's skipping of academic classes. However, it seems that Lee is being treated differently than other players that in my opinion have committed more serious infractions.

    Where is the idea of redemption and forgiveness that Bobby Bowden always talks about? Apparently it applies to everyone except Lee. Geno Hayes was arrested for disorderly conduct and assaulting a policeman and yet was forgiven by Bowden and not suspended for even one game. On my moral meter, the incident by Hayes was far more serious. My guess is that you will not see Lee again. And I am sure we will see FSU players involved in incidents in which Bobby Bowden forgives. With Lee, there is no leeway.

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