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    Friday, November 17, 2006

    My Buys and Sells for FSU-WMU Game

    Western Michigan Game Is Trap Game:In most years, this would be a trap game. However, this is not a normal year. If FSU wants to go to a bowl game, then this is a must win. I am selling.

    Western Michigan Macot: Buster Bronco is the official mascot of Western Michigan University. Another clothed mascot. I am selling.

    Weatherford Will Handle The Blitz:WMU is a blitzing tean and we all know that Drew is not good at handling the blitz. He obviously is not as mobile as Lee. He does not release the ball as quick as he needs to do.I am selling.

    FSU Will Establish The Run:Well, this is a recurring theme. The Noles need to do this. Antone Smith is starting this week so maybe he will be the spark plug needed. I am reluctantly buying.

    Weatherford Graded Out Best On Dart Board: Still not sure how Drew graded out better than Lee. It must have been the famous throw the darts grading system. I am buying.

    FSU Receiving Corps Will Have Good Game:They need a good game. WMU is supposed to have a good secondary so Carr, Davis, and Fagg need to be at their A game. I am buying.

    FSU Defense Will Play Well:I think Mickey was embarassed by last weeks 30-0 loss. I don't think that will happen two weeks in a row. I am buying.

    WMU Will Have At Least One Sack Against FSU:WMU is known as a blitzing team and they have their oustanding linebacker Ismail. Drew tends to hold on to ball too long. I am buying.

    FSU Will Get At Least One Turnover: FSU defense needs to make something happen. I believe they will. I am buying.

    Xavier Lee Will Play In Game:Probably sooner than later. I am buying.

    Jeff Bowden Will Be Drinking Coke In The Coaches Box: Are you kidding? Of course he will be drinking Coke. This is his paycheck beginning in August 2007. Drink up Jeff. I am buying.

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