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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Thursday Practice Report: Final Prep for Western Michigan


    * Florida State practiced in shorts and helmets for 15 periods in preparation for their game Saturday at 2:00 p.m. against Western Michigan.

    * The game against Western Michigan will no longer be streamed on ESPN 360. ESPN was unable to secure the proper television truck to produce an on-line broadcast of the football game. No other live television will be available for the game.

    * Seminole fans will be able to watch the game Sunday night. Fans in south Florida only will be able to see the game at 7:00 p.m. The game will then be broadcast in central and north Florida following Lightning hockey at approximately 10:00 p.m. The cable network's presentation of Prime Time Noles can be seen every Sunday exclusively on SUN Sports.


    Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews

    (On preparation for Western Michigan)

    "It is good. We still have a few kids banged up but we are trying to work through it. The thing that we are trying to do is focus in on getting ready to play a football game. You can have different kinds of distractions or whatever but it is just like I told the guys when we walk through those gates the rest of the world shuts off and we have to be about football and about preparation."

    (What are some of the concerns that you have had about stopping Western Michigan?)

    "Number one we have to be more sound than we were last week. We have too many busted plays, missed assignments, missed tackles, out of position on coverage a few times. We let the misdirection stuff affected the straight ahead plays. Maybe we played a little bit too cautious, you can't do that you know. You are not going to play perfect. You have to line up, know your responsibilities, the ball snaps, attack, be aggressive, play ball. If we can do that then hopefully we can make more things happen, create field position, get some turnovers and do some things that you gotta do on defense to go out there and be successful."

    (On the young player's progression)

    "Our concentration by a couple of young guys wasn't the best yesterday and today but you know we talk to them about it. You don't just waive a magic wand and go out and play good on Saturday. You gotta prepare to do that during the week. It is a mental and a physical thing and that is just part of the process of growing up. Some of these kids that were playing were just in high school last year. It is a whole different game for them now but yeah they are making progress and it is just a shame that some of them have been put into situations where they have to do it sometimes before they are ready for their time."

    TE Brandon Warren

    (On his injury)

    "I'm going to go ahead and get my shot and then I think I will play. It is not bothering me as much. I have been stretching and going to treatment and getting all of my stuff done so I'm feeling a lot better."

    (On what he did in practice today)

    "I ran some routes and stuff. I did all of the reps with the twos, basically."

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