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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    What The Message Boards Are Saying About The Jeff Bowden/Boosters Contract

    "Half a million dollars for helping the university lose millions in revenue..If anyone agrees with this, please let me know why because I am horrified!! The state workers get a $1,000 a year raise and this loser gets this..Must be nice being a Bowden!!!!"

    "This is 536K that we will lose in scholarships, and money that could have been offered to someone who now has to come in here and clean up Jeff's disasterous mess. This news literally makes me sick....I am really starting to get tired of the Bowden's."

    "Over half a million? Well, I guess it was a good thing that the Boosters increased the donor levels this year. Now I know where my extra donation will be going while I sit in my crappy seats watching an equally crappy offensive offense."

    "And I thought Jeff was acting Honorably when he resigned!

    Getting paid $537,000 to resign when he contracts expires Aug 2007? Folks, he didn't resign for the team or his father. He resigned now because the Boosters lined his pockets with easy money.

    All Jeff is doing is sucking money away from FSU atheletics. He is truly a disappointment."

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