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    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    Saban Nation Has Mud On Their Face

    In my cupcakes of the week, I listed La. Monroe as the cupcake against Bama. I said that it would be a "nice paycheck and a loss for the Warhawks." Oops. What I should have said was that it would be a nice $4 million salary for Nic "The Liar" Saban. This is the guy that was going to be the savior for Saban Nation. Saban Nation must be wondering about that $4 million salary after lowly La. Monroe beat Alabama at home 21-14. La. Monroe was a 24 1/2-point underdog to Bama. Bama is now 6-5 and headed for a showdown with rival Auburn in the Iron Bowl next Saturday. Wonder what Bama fans will do if Auburn beats them next Saturday? Meanwhile Saban for those six wins got around $667,000 per win. Bama fans must be very proud.
    Honorable mention goes to #3 Oklahoma who lost to unranked Texas Tech 34-27.

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