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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Another Wake As Noles Lose 21-24

    Another Wake. Another loss by the Noles at the hands of Wake Forest. Two wins in a row for Wake. The same old tune. And penalties a big part of the tune. When you have no running game by the Noles, Wake could sit back and wait for a Nole to make a mistake.

    This is a team that has more problems than there may be answers. This was a game for redemption and instead it ended up as a game of nightmares.

    This was a team that couldn't run, couldn't block, and made critical mistakes. Don't blame the defense. They were on the field too long. And don't blame Lee. He made some mistakes but he did not lose this game. And what about the idiotic move to put Weatherford into the game? The offensive coaches need to take a deep hard look in the mirror.

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    kevin said...

    All I can say is, if we don't figure out a way to get a running game and start using our Tight end and running back in the passing game, our awesome Defense is going to stay on the field for a long time the rest of another heart wrenching season. GO NOLES!!!!