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    Monday, October 01, 2007

    It Is Lee's Time

    * Ok, no more love for Cismesia. Cismesia is Cismesia. By that, I think we all know that if you are counting on him to ever win a game for the Noles, then you need your head examined.

    * There should be no doubt who the starting quarterback should be for the Noles. I do hope that Lee is given all the opportunities that Weatherford has been given.Lee should not be looking over his shoulder. Start him and announce that barring injury or a complete meltdown that he is the quarterback. There should be no game to game review. Drew Weatherford had two seasons and three games to prove himself. He did not do it. Now it is Lee's time.

    * I absolutely hate the prevent defense. If you only rush two or three guys as FSU did and a quarterback has all the time in the world to throw the ball, then he will find someone open.

    * The win by the Noles against SEC Bama helped improve the image of the ACC. There are still ACC teams that can compete with the SEC.

    * I cannot remember a time in recent memory when FSU had such favorable field position in the first half. Only problem was that the Noles came up empty.

    * The challenge by FSU in the second half regarding the spot of the ball and Bama first down was puzzling. FSU lost a timeout due to the decision being confirmed.

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