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    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Monday Morning Quarterback: FSU-Bama Game

    This game was what the fans needed. An offense that showed some life with a new QB and a defense that was magnificient.

    Offensive Line: Offensive line did decent job considering all the injuries they have had.
    Grade: B

    Running Game: Running game is not producing huge numbers. Bama's defensive scheme had a lot to say about that. Smith still does not look sharp.
    Grade: B-

    QB: What can you say about Xavier Lee? He played a great game considering his lack of playing time.
    Grade: A

    Offensive Coaching: Kudos to Jimbo for finally putting Lee in the game. Offense looked better than in previous game.
    Grade: B+

    : Receivers stepped it up for this game despite too many dropped balls by Fagg.
    Grade: A-

    Defense and Defensive Coaching: Mickey Andrew's defensive scheme for the game had the Bama QB on his heels all day.
    Grade: A

    Intangibles: Penalties were less from last game but three delay of game penalties?
    Grade: C

    Special Teams Play: Kicking game by Gano was good. No more love for Cismesia.
    Grade: B

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