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    Monday, October 08, 2007

    Monday Morning Quarterback: FSU-NC State Game

    The Noles again failed to play a complete game and had almost a 100 yards in penalties! However, Lee and Carr looked good on offense.

    Offensive Line: Offensive line is definitely not doing the job needed. Injuries are some of the problem.
    Grade: C

    Running Game: Running game is questionable. Antone Smith is just not getting it done for whatever reasons.
    Grade: C

    QB: Xavier Lee played a good game and didn't throw any interceptions. He will continue to get better.
    Grade: B+

    Offensive Coaching: Offensive game plan was a little suspect. A lot of that is attributed to the fact that Noles could not get a running game going.
    Grade: B

    Receivers: Greg Carr was definitely the go to guy for Lee.
    Grade: B+

    Defense and Defensive Coaching: Defensive scheme was not particularly effective as well as poor tackling in first half but adjustments in second were good. Key interception by Garvin was game winner.
    Grade: B

    Intangibles: Penalties...Penalties...Penalties.
    Grade: D-

    Special Teams Play: Kicking game by Gano is good. Cismesia cannot be counted on in the clutch.
    Grade: B-

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