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    Friday, October 05, 2007

    My Buys And Sells For FSU-NC State

    NC State mascot- Another boring clothed mascot. The mascots are Mr.Wuf and Ms. Wuf. No thanks, I am selling.

    Noles offense will play complete game- FSU needs to show that it can play a complete game. I think they will. I am buying.

    FSU will have 50 yards or less of penalties- Why is this so difficult? I think they will reduce penalties and I will reluctantly buy.

    Chuck Amato will blow kisses to the NC State AD- Nope but you have to admit it would be funny. I am selling.

    NC State QB Daniel Evans will be sacked at least two times- I think the Noles defense will try and get after him early. I am buying.

    Xavier Lee will throw at least three TDs
    - Hopefully Lee will be comfortable as the starting QB. If he is, he should have a big day. I am buying.

    Greg Carr will have at least one TD- I think Lee will find Carr and he will score at least one TD. I am buying.

    De'Cody Fagg will not drop any balls- Hope that he shows improvement in that area but I am selling for now.

    Antone Smith will run for 100 yards or more
    - Smith is not doing what he apparently did in preseason. Is turf toe the culprit? I have to sell.

    Noles will score at least 30 points- I think they can score some points at home. I am buying.

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