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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Q & A: Mickey Andrews

    Clemson had some long scoring drives.

    Andrews: Our objective is three-and-out, and we didn't get it done. . . . Two ways to gain field possession. Either you gain it when you've got the football. The offense is responsible for field possession just like the defense is. You don't get first down, you don't gain field possession. If we don't force people to kick the ball and create field possession, we're not doing what we're supposed to do. It was very disappointing to let them take the ball and move it like that.

    How did Alex Boston do (at his new position of defensive tackle)?

    Andrews: He did pretty good. He and (Andre) Fluellen were both at new positions. They did pretty good.

    Is that the way it's going to be on the defensive line from now on?

    Andrews: They are part of our 11 best players right now, so that would be our plans.

    Considering that you all lost on defense (from last season), is the defense playing where you thought it would, or even a little better?

    Andrews: We didn't play as well this past Saturday as I thought we would. We gave up too many big plays and too many scores. Our objective is to hold a team under 15 points. Had we done that we would have won the ballgame. . . . We talked about making big plays so much I think we got a little wrapped up in trying to make plays instead of - 'doing my job first.' ”

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