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    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    "I would be covered in 10 feet of concrete right now.."

    According to ESPN, the owner of the towing company involved in Florida safety Tony Joiner's burglary case said he received more than 200 threatening phone calls.

    More than a dozen of the calls were death threats and others were bomb threats accorfding to the owner.

    "I'm just glad it wasn't Tim Tebow, that's all I can say," Forron told the newspaper. "I think I would be covered in 10 feet of concrete right now if it had been Tebow."

    "I've been in the [towing business] since '77 and I've never seen anything like it," he told a Florida paper. "The fans are very passionate. I think that's a big part of it. ... I'm disappointed that people could be like that. I realize how passionate people can be. But it's disappointing that they would threaten lives and property over something like this."

    The owner asked that the charges be dropped which they later were. Gator fans must be very proud of themselves.

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